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(Life's Lessons Learnt are all those random articles one writes when one just feels like writing,without thinking about editing,or spell checks (though am quite sure MS Word has done half the job for me,bravo!).They have nothing to do with any issues of national or international importance.And obviously,this is from my perspective,but am quite sure a lot of people face similar problems .So please put on your  philosophical hats and start reading!Comments are always welcome-criticism is the best motivator for a writer.Thank you :-))

Its easier to harbor hate.Difficult to let go.Easier to hold on to the past,difficult to let it go.Easier to blame others, difficult to accept the pain we caused. Yet somehow we insult the greatest gift God  graciously bestowed on us-life.Our life goes in meager fights with our parents,our spouse,our children,boss,neighbours,even the watchman.If this takes up 20%,another 20% is occupied by regrets-I wish I had studied,I wish my boss would appreciate me more,I wish I could make my in-laws happy and all that.in the remaining 60%,we squeeze our work,the happy moments and mostly,a mélange of many other feelings we don’t understand,let alone acknowledge.
For quite a long time,all adages like “ Find happiness within yourself” and “Be satisfied with what you have” sounded like crap to me.It may sound crap to a lot of you too,but the day you achieve a bit of realization,you will understand.What problems does one have on a daily basis?And which ones cannot be solved?Can all  problems be solved?The honest answer is no.All problems cannot be solved,otherwise I am sure India-Pakistan,Israel-Palestine,Iran-Iraq(and now,America) would have been solved in a trice.But you reach a point,not necessarily a peak,after which all fights,all missions to solve an issue becomes pointless.What I have learnt (amongst many lessons in my life) is that acceptance,is very important.You may not like your work,accept that you don’t like and search for an alternative.You may not like your children’s choice of their spouse,but accept them.By “accept them” I don’t mean stay inert or tolerate anything you don’t think is right.But there is a way you can express your feelings.And the best way is to tell your feelings.If the person in question understands it,good for you.If he doesnt,well,atleast you wont regret not telling him.To live a life of regret is no picnic.
Pain.Anther powerful four letter word,like love and hate.We think it’s a lot on us to bear pain.We feel pain more deeply than hurt or love,simply because we give it that importance.You cannot love somebody and yet  hold on to the pain they have caused you .Atleast not for long.The greatest love is that of a mother and a child.Every mother in this world loves her child,whether it’s a son or a daughter.And almost every mother has to go through a few hours of labour (which is pain unimaginable),ranging fro 7 hours to 24 hours.But  as soon as she sees her baby crying,she forgets all pain.Love has that power.It has power to forget pain,forget strife,forget relations,forget the world.But sadly we misuse it.We put our pain,our ego,our hurt before everything.Its not filmy,its true.It actually is.Another question that might arise at this time is : Am I not important?Should I not love myself?Yes,you should,You definitely should.Its only then that you can love somebody else.But love also demands sacrifice,and by sacrifice I don’t mean the superficial sacrifice (”My wife doesn’t like my hair long so from now I am gonna get a crew cut”.Actually overheard.True story,that one).That's not it.Some of you might do it initially and after that you will either convince or force him/her to deal it with and eat bread,or grow your hair long.The ultimate sacrifice is forgetting yourself. In front of people you love, Self importance is lost.It just vanishes.But that’s’ the best part of love.The people in love will never take you for a ride just because they know you are vulnerable.They wont even make you feel that you don’t have any  self importance. And neither will you feel that you have changed in any way.Thats just the beauty of it.
Dont harbor hatred or bad feelings.Bad feelings breed like insects,but unfortunately getting a repellant for a bad feeling is doubly difficult.Unfortunately we are like lice in bad feelings.We hold on to them,become insanely fat,lose sleep and are somehow unable to stay without them.Again unfortunately,and unlike in lice, we spoil our health and peace of mind hating some people somewhere who aren’t affected and neither will be..
Its true.Our life is in our hands.Yes,God guides us from above and He has it all written,and sometimes what we want just wont happen.Sometimes after it happens we realize that it happened because we wanted I to.If God has given us tsunamis and typhoons,He has also given us a shining sun,sweet smelling flowers,a rainbow,little children gurgling with laughter,a blue, blue sky,bright green grass,sparkling waterfalls,raindrops.In our greed,we tend to focus more or what we don’t have and take what we have for granted.Enjoy the pitter patter of the rains and embrace the dry spell that comes after that.For it is He who has given us pain,and it is He who will bring us out of it.


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