Food,Cooks and Masterchefs..

I am hooked to Masterchef Australia.Big time.Before anybody expects me to cook them a meal worthy of an alumnus of Le Corden Bleu,let me point out three very important facts-
a.I am a pure vegetarian.That means 90% of the dishes cooked in MCA are out of bounds for me.
b.Before MCA,I wasnt even aware that orange peel was used for anything but a face pack,or than "dragon fruit" was a real fruit or even that tur,masoor and arhar were different dals.
c.I never knew that "chefs" and "cooks" were different.
There is no seemingly logical reason that makes me get up early in the morning to watch cooks prepare food which I can never make or eat.
Yet it delights me.There are people there who come from all ages,all walks of life - a homemaker,a stockman, a scientist- and from different ethnicities- Thai,Indian,Portuguese-and religions.Yet they manage to produce the most beautiful food out of a box of ingredients.Most of all,it is their personality that enchants me.
It's amazing how one contestant is happy for the other when their dish wins best dish of the day.It's also amazing how one contestant gets another's back in a group challenge.It's amazing how the tears one contestant shares as another gets eliminated are not crocodile tears.It's amazing how somebody with so much talent can be so unbelievably humble.At the end of each season,it's heartwarming to see 23 people,all once vying for the same title,celebrate with the one winner,and feel his/her joy,without harboring bitter feelings All this has proven to me that the best cooks are often the best people,and that cooking comes from the heart.
Now if only everybody in the world were great cooks :-p!


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