The Silver Lining

Those days when:
1.You have a lot to write but about 2 x 2 inches of paper space
2.You feel like a winged bird in a cage while at office.
3.You notice everything around you changing and note that it's mostly for the bad ,  yet are powerless .

are also the days when..

1. You help someone in need,and then feel good about it.
2. You celebrate and capture a dear friend's good luck with other friends.
3. You realize that it's an extraordinarily clear day with a lovely blue sky after weeks of fog.

All this just goes to show that not all days are all hunky-dory,and not all totally stink.There is always a silver lining to every dark cloud.It just depends on what one wants to perceive.

So buck up,and head straight for the silver lining.It may not be always apparent,or even easy to spot,but it's there, just waiting to be seen...


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