My Women’s Day Resolutions

Eyes – our personal camera and the window to our heart & mind. We use our eyes to see the beauty outside – lush green trees, shimmering blue seas, a gorgeous yellow sun- but rarely use them to see within ourselves. This Woman’s Day, continuing my personal tradition of ‘doing something new’, I decided to introspect & pen down a few resolutions of my own, and thought that others might relate to it (probably?). Anyway, here goes:

I shall not judge other women
Yes, this is one of trickier ones. We aren’t flawless, and hence, judging comes naturally to us. One glance at another woman, and our brain begins its instant judgment:
“ That’s a lovely dupatta. I bet it must be expensive”
“ What a tight dress she’s wearing- she looks odd!”
“She’s gained weight – it doesnt suit her at all”
Let’s use our ability to jump to conclusions for a better purpose, shall we?

I shall wear whatever I find comfortable and not care two hoots about fashion
I personally love kurtas – nice, crisp, cotton kurtas. I have always loved them, irrespective of my age or profession, and I think they suit me best. I also like to accesorie them with chunky jewellery. If anybody should have a problem with this, it should be me and me alone.
(And fyi, you’re going to get nowhere by following my fashion choice :-p)

I shall educate myself & attempt to educate others
The only way we have a chance to evolve as a human being is by educating myself by reading more interesting, good, quality books, watching more informational documentaries & quality films. Knowledge helps us distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, and issues worth fighting for versus issues worth ignoring. In our constant fight for feminism, we tend to forget that education is the best way to combat inequality & ignorance. Spread the intelligent word around, not just the word.

I shall learn to forgive myself for my mistakes
This is something we do unconsciously. As women, we tend to be harsher to ourselves for our mistakes, God knows why. Maybe it is because we have been conditioned to be perfect at all times, but nobody is perfect. Our imperfections are the making of us – face it, none of us would’ve been where we are were it not for some mistakes we made some time in life .Let ‘s not be too judgemental of our own selves now. Just let it go, as Elsa says.

 I shall try to be more healthy
We often assume that if we’re thin, we’re healthy. But health goes way beyond size – there are plus size women who can do a perfect shirshasana and there are skinny women who pant after walking two flights of stairs. Being healthy is not just a cosmetic change – it includes possessing an active, stress-free mind, a positive disposition and a lithe body, which helps fixing our plumbing issues caused by hormonal variations and result in pesky menstrual disorders. 

I shall always be independent
Independent here means the ability to not search for someone or something to make you happy. No matter whether you’re married or single, it is you and you alone who is responsible for your own happiness. Depending on others is being a burden on them as well as on us. Being independent also means that you really don’t need anybody else’s approval to do anything in life, as long as you are brave enough to make your own decisions and face the consequences later. It also means not depending on a March 8 to feel special as a woman.


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