Fun Facts: Mumbai

1   The Beach..eech!!
Let's go for a swim...or maybe not?
COurtesy: Google Images

Mumbai is one of those rare places where the beach is meant to be seen and photographed by, not to be swum in. There is probably less water and more pollutants, not to mention the occasional garnish of garlands, empty crisp packets and plastic bottles.

First Class, Second class, No class!

Dhakka maar!
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There is no difference between the first class and the second class ladies compartment in a local train, except for the capacity,the seats and the price. In the first class, people’s fighting capabilities are judged by their English speaking skills, whereas in the second class, they are judged by Marathi speaking skills. If you don’t know Marathi, don’t even bother. Stay crushed.

Love in the times of the 9 am local

Darling, meet me on the bridge at Parel station tomorrow?
Courtesy: Google Images

 In Delhi, people have empty Metro stations. In Hyderabad, the various malls.In Mumbai, people have various local stations, that too at peak hours. Imagine being blocked by loving couples sauntering down the bridges while you run with the crowd to catch your train. Sigh. It’s a daily “affair”.

Street food or Diet Food?

Healthy Street food :-).!
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Mumbai is also a very health conscious city. It is impossible to put on weight here by eating authentic street food. You could have amounts of bhel puri, sev puri and pani puri, and still gain less weight as compared to the sinful aloo tikki, aloo chaat and bread pakora.

One finds oneself perpetually drenched in Mumbai, either due to the rain or the sun. One also finds oneself perpetually surrounded by people. Despite the heat, and the people, living in Mumbai is a wonderful experience it itself! Zara hatke, Zara bachke!


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